My first impression is quite positive!

It’s a nice sounding little analogue synth module. And its semi modularity makes it pleasantly versatile.

It’s capable of fat basses that are somewhere between an Arp Odyssey and a Moog. The filter is efficient, and its resonance can be quite brutal. The envelopes are quick and snappy and easy to handle.

This way to the video!

The large number of patch points invites to heavily mess around with cables! And thanks to the uncomplicated layout of the synth there are not many possibilities to go wrong. Specially, the FM Modulation stuff is a lot of fun and works well. 

To make it even more interesting, I would consider combining it with other analogue modules. Of course, it also works with your eurorack. And here, my recommendation would be, to check out the vintage RSF EXPANDER 2 module that came with the original Kobol Expander as reference. It contained additional VCA’s, LFOs and such things as ring modulator and envelope followers.

So, if you got other patchable synths, no matter if Behringer or the expensive stuff, you are already on the right track!

On the other hand, this might also be my only very small point of criticism. If you already have more than 2 or 3 modules like the Neutron, K2, a Cat or even a 2600, you might encounter some redundancy in sound.

The price is hot!

In any case, with under 200 Euros at my favorite synth outlet, Thomann, you can’t really go wrong! Especially if you are new to hardware and finally want to try turning your own knobs!

Just check it out yourself, if you can get hold of one! Of course, there’s an affiliate link here and in the description! Thanks for that! It’s always the best way to support my channel!

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Thumbs up!

In any case! Have a nice day and happy Synthing!

See you in the one! Peace and Dankeschön!

Affiliate-Link to Thomann

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