Wine & Synths! The blog to your favorite Synthesizer YouTube channel!

New videos from your favorite channel, news from the world of synthesizers and home studio. And of course music from our label 'Drehstrom'! With time, maybe wine content will sneak in here too, if it fits!

By the way, you can find the matching wine store to the channel here. But until now only for stationary use in Berlin Pankow! If you want wine, you have to come to see us!

Many, especially German synthesizer friends of a certain age, find it goofy that our videos are always all in English! Therefore, here, little by little, the scripts are also available in German and without any weird English accent! Have fun with it!

If you are interested in a studio visit or an individual coaching regarding synthesizer and electronic music production, don't hesitate to ask for an individual offer. If you are into 'traditional' Techno & House styles, there is a lot I can show you!

We will gladly give your techno and house productions the finishing touches in mixdown and mastering. From remix to ghost production for talented up-and-coming DJs, we can shine in many areas with solid know-how!

If you manufacture synthesizers or other interesting studio hard-and software that you would like to see in one of our videos, send us a mail! The same goes for sponsoring requests. We will gladly tell you our conditions. Don’t be afraid!

Send us an email:
info @

See you! Peace!

Our little Studio tour! Join in to see how we work!

And if you like to buy equipment, just do it at Thomann or at Perfect Circuit, if you are from the USA. Through our partner stores! For each of your orders we get a small commission, which helps to keep our store running! This way:

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You can find our label 'Drehstrom' on Bandcamp and on most known streaming platforms. The label exists since about 2004 and was revived in 2023. On Bandcamp you can find the old vinyl classics as well as our brand-new tracks, straight from the studio!

If you think that your music suits Drehstrom, you are welcome to send us a link to your demo without any obligation! Please use e-mail or one of our social links.

Wine & Synths! The blog to your favorite Synthesizer YouTube channel!