3 new releases on Drehstrom via Bandcamp! For Bandcamp Friday, we've got some serious stuff going on: Xepeia, Anthony Collins and Mishes & Jazzo.

Anthony Collins – Rotation EP

With Anthony Collins "Rotation ep" from 2007 the circle of the Legacy releases is closed. So now all the Drehstrom records that were available on vinyl at that time are available for download at Bandcamp. Nothing was remastered and everything was uploaded as it went to the pressing plant back then. Another real pearl of French noughties electro minimal house!

Mishes & Jazzo – Guess

Also from 2007 is this track, which my friends 'Mishes & Jazzo' released at that time on their own vinyl label 'Electyle'.

Sometimes it's hilarious to look on Discogs for the "market value" of your old discs. And 'Guess' has really broken all records! That's why we thought it would be nice if you could download the track now, just like that, in modern quality into your player. Here you go!

Does the track also remind you of "in a gadda da vida" by Iron Butterfly?

Funfact: The boys have at that time no money and no effort to let their EP be mastered by none other than Robert Babicz aka Rob Acid. Therefore, also here the sound as it left Master Rob's studio!

Xepeia – Betriebsspannung

Since we don't only have old stuff at Drehstrom, this fresh release is also the highlight of this track marathon! Freshly rendered from the Wine-Synths studio in stable data, this track was originally a synthesizer demo by Johannes, which he produced for our JX-8P video. The perfect basis for a new Xepaia track! Arranged down to the last detail and peppered with tricky groove details, the groove pushes relentlessly across the floor. The track was mixed and mastered by me, Chris aka PiQuadrat. I was not so thrilled with the final volume of the mix, which is close to -7 LUFS! But Johannes also wanted to be louder than the others and found that it properly rocked in the club! Well then: heat up your dance capacitors and bring them slowly to operating voltage!

Electronic by tradition!

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