The SUPERBOOTH has made a remarkable development since its beginnings. Initially, it was simply the idea to give small independent manufacturers access to the Frankfurt Music Fair. On a common stand, at a price that also fit into small marketing budgets. Today, the Musikmesse is old news. SUPERBOOTH, on the other hand, has risen from a pure synthesizer nerd trade show to an international meeting place for the entire pro audio industry.
And even the global corporation Apple is using the SUPERBOOTH as an opportunity to announce new products. Like now with Logic Pro for the iPad.

How does Andreas Schneider react to this? And what can he tell us about the guerrilla marketing strategies that have made his little empire of and SUPERBOOTH that have made it so big?

Andreas Schneider interviewed about guerrilla marketing

Our highlights from Superbooth 23:

Floatingpoint Instruments: New home for the Multiclock and an exciting digital modular prototype!

Im dritten SUPERBOOTH Video, ein Interview mit Sebastian Preller, einem der Entwickler der E-RM Multiclock. Darin erzählt er uns über sein neues Unternehmen „Floatingpoint Instruments“.
There is news about a Multiclock-Update and the future of this product in general. He also shows us the brand new prototype of a digital stand-alone modular system! Does this remind anyone else here of the Nord Micro-Modular?

More about our experiences and favorite devices at Superbooth 2023 coming soon here and of course on YouTube!

We especially liked the Super Gemini from UDO Audio and the Oberheim OB-X8 in the new desktop version. At Radikal there was the DELTA CEP MK2 and a matching editor for the iPad. And of course we met other YouTubers and many fans!

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