Right now, I'm programming a new website for our YouTube channel. And YOU found it directly! Well then, welcome to our little electronic cosmos. Here it will be colorful in the near future and will look different now and then. Making websites is not my thing, and I like to experiment with all the WordPress settings. When I'm done, I'll let you know!

Here you can already watch the last video. Have fun!

The channel and a web presence also cost money! If you like what you see and read here, you can actively support us when you buy new equipment for your studio next time. For every purchase that goes through one of these links, we get a commission from the dealer. Thanks already!

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Affiliate Link to Perfect Circuit
Affiliate-Link to Thomann

Thomann Affiliate Links:

Presonus Mixer: https://thmn.to/thoprod/426131?offid=1&affid=2444

Moog Matriarch: https://thmn.to/thoprod/465313?offid=1&affid=2444

Floatingpoint Multiclock: https://thmn.to/thoprod/568827?offid=1&affid=2444

Jaspers Keyboardstand on wheels: https://thmn.to/thoprod/210332?offid=1&affid=2444

Behringer Dual-Phase: https://thmn.to/thoprod/530565?offid=1&affid=2444

Behringer 2600 Normal: https://thmn.to/thoprod/505590?offid=1&affid=2444

TD-3-MO: https://thmn.to/thoprod/516310?offid=1&affid=2444

RD-9: https://thmn.to/thoprod/521315?offid=1&affid=2444

RD-8: https://thmn.to/thoprod/523081?offid=1&affid=2444

Behringer VC340: https://thmn.to/thoprod/458341?offid=1&affid=2444

Pittsburgh Modular Taiga: https://thmn.to/thoprod/560017?offid=1&affid=2444

Radikal Technologies Delta CEP A: https://thmn.to/thoprod/567735?offid=1&affid=2444

Behringer 2600 https://thmn.to/thoprod/505590?offid=1&affid=2444

Mein Label:


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